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Patterns & Techniques Foam Cricket Chammy Worms Cheap Stripper (Dragonfly) Cricket Ear Plug Egg Bling, Bling Popper Popper and Spook from foam a, balsa, and strike indicators Rainbow warrior with Christmas Tensile Dragon Fly Eyes Striping Peacock Hurl Flip/Flop Foam Mouse Calf Tail Clouser Bead Chain Eyes Pom-pom Eggs Hi-Vis Foam Spider .177 Bugger .177 Bugger 2 Tensile and Icicle Kreelex Style Fly Recycled Rubber Legs Frank Sawyer's PT Stonefly from Craft store Yarn Dubbing DIY Rubber Legs Part 2 Todd's Wiggle Minnow (Flip Flop) Dragon Fly Prototype Really Simple Crayfish Headphone Inch Worm Boot Lace Stone Fly Nymph Burlap Mayfly Nymph Little Black Stonefly Nymph (crow feather) USB Midge Three Phase Midge  One Material Woolly Bugger Headphone Wire Copper John Bar B Que and Stonefly Nymph Glass Bead Caddis Pupae (Easy

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